COVID-19 Healthcare BOT

作者 WinWire Technologies

Access to remote triage of symptoms leveraging Covid-19 BOT built on Microsoft HealthBot framework

WinWire’s Healthcare BOT leverages AI-based chatbot to answer questions about COVID-19 through a natural conversation experience. The BOT uses automated software programming with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide accurate and updated information.


The Healthcare BOT is a turnkey solution, which can be deployed in a customer environment within 3-4 days with almost zero to minimal investments from the customer side. This will help customers quickly respond to their questions in the current COVID-19 epidemic.


The BOT can answer COVID-19/Coronavirus related questions right from the moment it’s fully deployed. It will fetch information from the CDC and WHO websites to ensure the accuracy of information. 

WinWire’s Healthcare BOT will help organizations to:

  • Answer FAQs and Support Q&A from the CDC and WHO websites
  • Multi-lingual capability as BOT understand multiple languages
  • Reduce tedious tasks and save efforts and time of caregivers
  • Avoid further spread of COVID-19


Key deliverables

  • Free access to remote triage of symptoms leveraging Covid-19 BOT
  • Support users by providing accurate information of COVID-19