Youredi integration as a service

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Youredi integration as a service

The Youredi iPaaS (integration platform as a service) is a suite of cloud solutions enabling the development, execution, and governance of a wide range of integration scenarios, such as data, application, system, cloud, SOA, process, internet of things, API, and B2B integration scenarios. It can connect any combination of on-premise or cloud technologies within an organization or across multiple ones. Thanks to this functionality the perfect hybrid integration platform has evolved out of iPaaS.

Integration platforms have been designed to act as a middle layer. It can help connecting systems and applications to enable the real-time exchange of the data between two or multiple stakeholders. It is an excellent tool for different integration scenarios: it can be used for integrations within the same organization or across multiple organizations located disparately geographically.

Integration platform can build connections regardless of communication protocols – whether it’s HTTP, SFTP, FTP, AS2, or something else, it is possible to establish connectivity. As you can see in the picture above, it has ready-built connectors and adapters both for cloud and on-premise systems and applications. iPaaS also offers full lifecycle API management which can perfectly complement any integration strategy.

iPaaS can tackle any data format. Whether you are using EDIFACT, X12, JSON, XML, or proprietary formats, it can transmit it between the applications, translate if needed, so all parties receive the information in their preferred format, validate the data and enrich it if needed. The platform also takes care of the routing of the messages and orchestrates the flow of information based on preferences (data transfer can happen in real-time, batches, streaming).

The platform takes care of the monitoring of the solutions and reports any errors automatically to the maintenance team. It can also offer business intelligence on the data that has moved through the platform that can provide some valuable information for decision making.