Zatisvy Sales and Field Worker Optimiser

作者 Trevor Holmes

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Create customer engagement templates to standardise engagement, geolocate users and analyse output

The app allows customer to customise engagement templates to ensure sales staff are engaging with their customers in a structured manner and geographically tracks the users to understand sales team productivity.

Data is captured during client engagement is captured centrally to allow for analysis across all aspects. Users are tracked geographically through sending a location every two minutes when moving. Companies that have a mobile user base with travel between customers can analyse engagement and travel metrics in order to optimise user engagement with customers, and time spent on the road and at customers.

The app will allow the company to improve productivity of the sales force through analysing the engagement process, and through wasted time spent travelling and inefficient customer servicing.

The data is captured into the Microsoft Azure cloud, analysis is through Azure AI, and reporting is done via PowerBI.

We are a small company based in South Africa that works with customers with a workforce of from 5 to 100. Our best service is provided to companies of this size as we can then ensure a responsive and beneficial relationship with our customers. We are very responsive to requests for enhanced services and additional features.

Our application runs on Microsoft Azure and we are constantly enhancing our platform with new features as they are introduced to Azure. We are currently reviewing the Azure AI for inclusion in our application.

Another advantage is our cost structure which is very favourable due to our exchange rate benefit. South Africa has a weak currency against the US Dollar which allows us to be very price competitive.