Regista - e-Government SaaS platform

作者 Zitec

Regista is a SaaS application that helps local government and private companies

This application is available only in Romanian language.

Regista is a complete registry application that ensures the e-management of the inflow and outflow registry in organizations that feature a high volume of documents. The application orders, distributes and allocates the files to the employees for viewpoints, resolutions, information and settlement. One of the main benefits of the app consists of the substantial reduction of up to 60% of the time people spend in queues in institutions and companies.

The application does not require installation, it can be used directly in the internet browser and the data is fully secured and backed up. Users can enjoy full control over application features and can quickly find information, thanks to the intuitive interface that makes it easy to access all of the main features. In addition, Regista allows the implementation of new functionalities upon request.

Main functionalities:

❖ Automatic publishing of registers and public information by local institutions on the portal

❖ Document Status check

❖ Online appointments for different services

❖ Forms online

❖ Report online notifications


Electronic Registry

❖ Documents in progress and overdue

❖ Separate display of documents for easy management

❖ Filters and sorting

❖ Change Journaling

❖  Reports

❖  Metadata can be attributed to any entry made to the system to easily identify documents belonging to a common series