Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Journeys: 5-Wk Implementation

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Implementing Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Journeys creates conditions to provide the best customer experience for your customer. You as a company get a systematic approach to doing it the right way.

Customize the customer interactions using Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Journeys

Note! Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Journeys was previously called Dynamics 365 Marketing.

This is the tool for you who work with Marketing and Sales. We know that you have a central role in e-mail marketing, webforms, surveys and several other contact points with your target audience. Having Dynamics 365 Customer Insights connected to the CRM system provides better conditions for creating a unified multi-channel experience for your customer.

Implement Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Journeys

We start by conducting five workshops (3 h each) linked to the areas that you need to activate in the Customer Journeys module. We at CRMK guide you - you need to invest your time, insights about your customers and your way of working. We recommend the below workshops but the steps can be changed depending on your needs and set-up. Connections to Customer Insights Data (for e.g. customer evaluations) can be added.

Workshops - Agenda

Kick-Off - Meet & Greet

  • Start-up meeting with those involved (can be different business areas, markets, agencies, etc.)

WS 1: Introduction and Configuring settings

  • Review of the existing set-up
  • Introduction of Customer Insights
  • Customer definition
  • Technology set-up overall

WS 2: Managing segments and trigger webforms

  • How to create web forms, 3 forms included
  • Initial segmentation, 5 segments included

WS 3: Managing leads and Compliance

  • Lead Scoring (Define MQL/SQL-processen)
  • Basic settings compliance (GDPR, Opt-In/Opt-Out)

WS 4: Managing email and customer journey

  • How to create email and email templates, 1 template included
  • Set up of customer journey, 2 journeys included

WS 5: Analyzing customer responses and next step

  • Insights
  • Discussion about next steps, Customer Insights Data etc.

Producing marketing content is out of scope and not included within this offer. The price is estimated from a basic level. It may change if more functionalities are requested.