Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights - Transform


For companies that are looking to expand their current marketing capabilities and tap into their customer base like never before with some specific custom processes in place.

Design, collaborate, engage, and understand. Dynamics Marketing and Dynamics Customer Insights is now more accessible than ever. Microsoft and Imperium Dynamics are offering brand-new package plans that will help you dive right in with a guided methodology for training, basic journeys, configuring brand templates, and quick deployment. These packages make it easy to get started with using the out-of-the-box marketing app features that will optimize your campaign initiatives. Microsoft and Imperium Dynamics are committed to finding solutions for every customer's needs. We hope that with our new packages, you will be able to utilize our products in a way that suites you best and drive engagement like never before.

Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights creates an easy one-stop shop for producing customizable and personal journeys and getting all the information needed to connect with your customer base and data - powered by next generation AI.

Benefits of opting for this package:

Optimize and Orchestrate Real-Time Customer Journeys Reduce cost per conversion using AI-generated insights, and automated workflows, with personalized recommendations that maximize customer lifetime value.

Improve Retention and Loyalty ​ Shorten sales cycles, reduce churn, and keep customers for life by acting on customer signals and feedback in real time.​

Easily Balance Personalization and Privacy Take advantage of consent data that’s automatically updated and classification labels that help keep information secure.

Turn Known and Unknown Prospects into Fans Ingest transactional, behavioral, and demographic data to create deep insights and complete, up-to-date customer profiles.

We recommend this package for those who want to upgrade their current marketing operations and processes with more customizable fields and user options to advance everyday marketing efforts and take their initiative.

Customization Hours (Fields, Integrations, Other Changes to existing system) -​ 50 hours Dashboards - 3 Segments - 10 Customer Journeys ​- 10 Subscription Lists​ - 5 Marketing Emails Templates​ - 10 Marketing Form Templates ​- 5 Lead Scoring Models ​- 5 Marketing Websites (page tracking)​ - 30 Events - 1 Text Messages - yes Marketing Page Templates ​-3 Customer Insights Data Source - 3 Customer Insights Table - 5

Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Licensing Price:

  • for organizations without any other dynamics 365 application - $1700 per month
  • For organizations with a qualifying Dynamics 365 applications - 1000$ per month