Enterprise Document Hub: 10-Week Implementation

Softura, Inc.

Enterprise Document Hub is an AI-based cloud solution enabling users to effectively manage and access business documents while providing traceability to business processes and lifecycles.

Enhance your customer service deliverables through Softura's Enterprise Document Hub!

This solution provides the flexibility to add context to your documents and effectively use that context in a retrieval process from line of business application.

This mobile friendly solution integrates with other applications and provides the highest accuracy in delivering search results.

Based on Office 365 SharePoint Online as the repository and a custom interface with intelligent cognitive search engine to access documents based on specific context. Secured with Azure AD, document access control is managed in a flexible way capable of expanding for any future content management system, workflows etc.

Discovery and implementation phase includes Six Stages: *Plan and Define *Automated Taxonomy Generated *Deploy Document Center Accelerators *Configurations and UAT *Customizations *Go-Live!

*Work with key stakeholders to identify document sets. *Prepare document inventory and improve meta-data, improving search relevancy. *Apply meta-data to documents and setup Enterprise Document Hub allowing Search and Filter capability based on meta-data entirety. *Solution contains Active Directory integration and Administration interface to create Roles and Permissions for document access by Document Type. *Setup capability to download document, subscribe changes and view changed documents. *Customize look and feel of Enterprise Document Hub Search and Results page to match Client theme. *Setup Document Upload interface with proper permissions and Meta-Data. *Support 2 weeks of User Acceptance Testing and Bug Fixes.

*Documents to be migrated will be identified with the help of project stakeholders. *Document owners and publishers will provide necessary meta-data for appropriate document types. *Client Active Directory leveraged and Enterprise Document Hub deployed on Azure subscription connecting to existing Office 365 SharePoint Online.