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It automates the fiscal documents between companies and both municipal and federal government.

“This application is available in Portuguese”

 Connector is a solution developed to ease companies’ obligations with Brazil’s government, be it in the municipal or the federal level. The Connector will automate the not only the communication and sending of all documents usually required by the respective governmental organs (such as Sefaz), but it’ll automatically generate them when integrated with the companies ERP. The documents it works with are NFe, NFSe and Reinf, which are the most common documents companies need to emit in a regular basis as part of their accounting.

It works for companies in any municipality of Brazil, in some cases it might need further customization so that it meets all the specific requirements of a certain city. This is never the case in the federal sphere, since the solution is constantly being upgraded to meet any changes applied to the government’s laws and requirements.

Connector works both integrated in an ERP or by itself, in which case it’ll need to be customized to work with whatever administrative system the company uses. 

Supported Editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

 Supported Countries: Brazil 

Languages: Portuguese (BR)
Disponible in Brazil