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Outsource AP vendor payments with automated integration to our remote payment solution partner

AP automation for streamlined, fraud-protected vendor payments

End your reliance on check printing and move towards a truly paperless AP process.

Mekorma Remote Payment Services (RPS) seamlessly transmits your payment instructions from D365 Business Central to Corpay, a third-party provider. Liberate your Accounts Payable department from the tedium of paper-based payments and let our services convert your vendors to electronic payment types, saving your staff valuable time and money.

Corpay will pay your vendors by check, ACH, credit card, or international wire. In addition, you are protected from ACH fraud, and you may receive rebates when your vendors accept credit cards.


  • Streamline the vendor payment process by eliminating steps - improve operational efficiency.
  • Reduce processing costs.
  • Work remotely with greater ease.
  • Protect your organization with comprehensive fraud prevention.
  • Receive rebates on payments made by virtual card--potentially cover or exceed the costs of the service – bring cash back to your organization!


  • Vendor enrollment team will onboard your vendors to electronic payments.
  • Enroll unlimited bank accounts for remote payments.
  • Control which vendors are not available for remote payments.
  • Seamless transmission of your payments from Microsoft Business Central to Corpay.

Getting Started

There are a few factors that will determine if this solution is right for you:

· Is your AP > $20M per year? Above $20M per year, you can have a positive ROI in less than 6 months.

· Are the majority of your AP payments one-offs or 1099 payments to vendors? If so, this is not a good fit unless your total AP > $100M

· When most of your vendors are paid by ACH, this solution can provide a positive ROI. This will need further analysis with one of our sales team

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This offering is a combined software module and service offering.

  • Software subscription price: $2950annually.
  • Service charges: Includes a monthly fee of $550 or $1000 depending on number of payments per month, plus transaction fees associated with checks/ACHs. You will earn rebates from credit card acceptance, which counterbalances check/ACH costs. Please contact Mekorma Sales to discover what your final net cost or savings could be.

Version Information (March 4, 2024) – This release contains a fix around RPS batches with static batch names not resetting RPS status after posting.

Supported Editions

  • Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

  • Available in the United States.

Supported Languages

  • English (United States).