gevis 365 Enterprise

作者 GWS mbH

Supports the entire distribution and value creation chain of modern wholersalers for more agility!

We get our customers ready for their competition!

As a long-standing and reliable partner of the trade industries with durable and consumable goods, e.g. Tools, Sanitary & Electronic Parts, Vehicle Parts, Building Material, Metals, Machinery, Fittings, Installation Material, Equipment, Supplies we’re familiar with their current and future requirements like no other. We offer innovative merchandise planning and control systems and combined solutions that accelerate and optimize trade processes. Our solution gevis 365 | Enterprise obtains data, provides for transparency and makes information exploitable for our customers. It verifiably lowers their costs, enhances efficiency and increases their customers’ satisfaction. The broad range of requirements of internationally active wholesale and retail companies’ demands high-performance IT solutions. gevis 365 | Enterprise completely supports the entire distribution as well as the value creation chain of modern wholesalers and retailers. It covers all industry sectors and the needs for the different wholesale and retail segments in the areas of procurement / purchasing & distribution, sales & marketing, sales processing, warehousing and logistics, as well as integrated accounting.