MappyField 365 for Territory, Field Service, on Power Apps

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Geo-analytical App for Power Apps to visualize data on a map & boost your sales on Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Map: Expand your business with location intelligence

MappyField 365 is a powerful geo mapping plugin to boost your business productivity and scale it geographically for Dynamics 365. Explore power features like Live tracking, CRM data visualization on map, proximity search, auto scheduling, auto check-ins, territory management, heat maps, follow-ups, dashboards, and more.

Accelerate your business with MappyField 365 + Dynamics CRM

If your field business requires next-generation productivity tools to manage multiple aspects of your business then MappyField 365 is the right choice for you.

Data visualization on map

  • Visualize, filter, and geocode your CRM data on the map, create heatmaps with different junction possibilities and ease business decisions.
Build more pipelines and drive revenue

  • With custom territory management and proximity search feature, build segmented pipelines for your sales, marketing, or field service teams.
Smart routing: save time & materials

  • Create, optimize, manage and share routes for field reps, keep an eye on their progress and locations through map. Save more with less time and fuel consumption!
Appointments automation
  • Automate visit scheduling of reps, proximity based auto check-ins, meeting notes, direct appointment booking, and activity planning, seamlessly!

MappyField 365: An alternative to Maplytics, worth experiencing

MappyField 365 for Dynamics 365 can be a game changer for teams using location intelligence. MappyField 365 can especially help businesses with:
  • Data loading speed for huge data

  • Productivity enhancer automation tools

  • Better deals, support, customer service

Make your on-field and off-field teams more productive

Enable your team with a powerful field service tool.

Sales team
  • Level up your field sales team with better tools and reduce their operational overheads to focus more on conversions.
Marketing team
  • Let your marketing team plan niche campaigns with localizations and generate fruitful pipelines for sales teams with MappyField.
Field service team
  • Expand your door-to-door services, be it cleaning, repairing, and deliveries, more effectively with MappyField 365.
Delivery team
  • Enable your delivery team with optimized routes and reduce order-to-delivery turnaround to serve customers faster!
Managers from office
  • Enable your managerial level to visualize operations progress, monitor teams effectively and make more informed decisions with analytics.
Partners, suppliers & distributors
  • Make your distribution channels more efficient by identifying nearby partners and suppliers within the territories to grow your business.

MappyField 365 and Industries

  1. Real-estate

  2. Healthcare & Pharma

  3. Professional services

  4. Manufacturing

  5. And more.

MappyField 365 and its compatibility

Any device, any language

  • MappyField 365, our Dynamics 365 map solution, is available in multiple languages and compatible from mobile to large desktops.
Dynamics CRM and its versions
  • Support for Dynamics CRM version from 8.2 onwards, Online & On-Premise.
Support for Dataverse
  • MappyField 365 has support for PowerApps and Dataverse.

Powerful features of MappyField 365

Scheduling and tracking

  • Visit planner
  • Live tracking
  • Mobile app for field reps
  • Automatic check-in and check-out

Optimized route plotting

  • Share route via email
  • Open Route in Google or Apple Maps
  • Point of Interest (POI)

Proximity search

  • Through location
  • With distance
  • By time

Sales pipeline

  • Territory management
  • Heat maps
  • Geo-analytical dashboards

Map CRM data in different ways

  • Filters like region, drawing, territory or by user
  • DataGrid and summary card
  • Geocode any record(s)


  • Global & user level configurations
  • Security templates
  • Multi-language

Quick actions directly from the map

  • Add to marketing list
  • Follow-up activities
  • Save your preferences

Note: For Offline (On-Premise) Integration, visit AppJetty (a Biztech venture) for trial.