CDS Plugin Development Framework

作者 Innovation One s.r.o.

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Our Framework will help you with implementation of customer logic in Microsoft CDS plugins.

Basic Information

CDS Plugin Development Framework is distributed as Microsoft Solution, which allows you to gain control over customer logic implemented in Microsoft Power Platform. The main bonus is in-depth diagnostic information presented in well-arranged dashboards.  The solution contains set of DLL libraries, which creates a middleware between standard Microsoft SDK and the customer logic. The logic is implemented as Tasks executed in a defined order. Each Task run produces detailed diagnostic information, which helps to track execution of the implemented logic and thus contributes to easy development and fast and effective trouble shooting.


CDS Plugin Development Framework isn’t only a distributed solution. It comprises Innovation One methodology used for business analysis, composing of design documents, managing of source codes, solutions testing, as well as automated deployment process right from Microsoft Azure DevOps.


Thanks to the benefits of CDS Plugin Development Framework the Innovation One s.r.o company can help you analyze your business requirements and set-up methods of development tailor-made right for your environments.


Key Properties

  • CDS Plugin Development Framework helps to achieve clear and understandable structure of coding
  • Middleware between standard Microsoft SDK and customer logic implemented in plugins
  • Tool which can link analysis of customer logic with written code and program testing
  • DevOps automation support like “on-click” deployment, program tests and automatic deployment
  • Logic structured into logical units called Tasks
  • Value added logs from each Task execution
  • Visualization of the most problematic Tasks


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