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You can stay connected with your business anytime anywhere with ReportNOW

ReportNOW is a mobile data interchange platform for all organizations. As long as you have a mobile device on hand, you can stay connected with your business anytime anywhere. In addition, users can easily upload instant data unlimitedly to the ReportNOW server over the Internet. Through ReportNOW, either smart phones or tablets can easily link up with the company’s existing database system and generate reports with real-time information or capture immediate data from the mobile devices.

ReportNOW, in fact is designed for ease of use with simple installation. It is the only interactive mobile solution in the market that is compatible with different database systems and provides various formats for real-time reporting on multiple platforms. Most importantly, there is no additional investment to acquire new hardware while enjoying these benefits.

1. Getting close to your company information at all times

No matter whether you are in meetings, coffee shop, golf course, during commute or at any other occasions, the management can use their mobile devices to read the company’s real-time generated business reports. Therefore, they can always gain in-depth insights and up-to-date information to support every decision they make.

2. Creating the reports in short period of time

Without the need of special training, you can create new report in just a few minutes. ReportNOW is very simple and straightforward to use. Our Report Wizard will guide you through step-by-step to customize all kinds of reports for your mobile devices.

3. ReportNOW also comes with comprehensive management tools as well as development platform for advanced users to create richer and more informative reports on their mobiles.

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