Saketa Organization Chart


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The Smarter View of Your Organization

Enjoy the Best org chart available for SharePoint Onprem 2016/2013/Office 365 from Saketa, an AWARD WINNER for the "Overall Best Office App" Award at the MS Ignite 2018 and "The Best User Interface" Award in MS Ignite 2016. Saketa was nominated in the People's choice category as well in Ignite 2016 and European SharePoint Conference 2017.

Saketa Organization Chart is a SharePoint add-in compatible with both O365 and On-premise SharePoint versions. It uses the SharePoint user profiles as the contacts' source and is completely developed using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) to provide a smooth and easy over-all experience.

Why Saketa Org Chart:

Saketa Org Chart will provide a rich user experience, performance, optimized presentation, quality of data representation and with intuitive, user friendly configurations and customizations. It can help all, view your org chart the way you desire.

SharePoint Out-of-box provides an Organization browser that allows people to view the company hierarchy - peers, reporting managers and reports in a nice animated presentation. This implementation uses Silverlight, a technology soon to die and not supported in all browsers. The HTML version of this tool provides a very basic textual view. But, for many users who love the tree view for such representations, there is no good solution.


  • Simple installation – Add the app from store, configure to taste and add the app-part to any page anywhere on the site.
  • Different presentation of tree nodes (person representations) to choose from.
  • Customizable themes, back-ground colors and font colors.
  • Set the starting or root node.
  • Configurable profile attributes and order of presentation.
  • Search, Zoom in/out, Print, Toggle view and Expand/Collapse options available.
  • Employee type differentiation.
  • Exclusion filters are available to skip external/unwanted accounts.

Enjoy a 15 day free trial of our Org Chart to explore the capabilities and features. Reach us out at "Demo @" for a walk through.

For purchase and other inquiries, drop us a note at "Sales @".

We would love to hear your experiences - "Feedback @".

Version History:

v1.0.1.1 - Added a user guide link in the app for easy reference.


  • Picture aspect ratio is maintained to preserve the quality.
  • Exclusion filters are available to skip external/unwanted accounts.

v1.0.1.3 - Search problem in App part has been addressed.

v1.0.2.0 - Per our customers' feedback, we have added the feature to present dotted-line manager hierarchy.

v1.0.3.0 - Fix for intermittent access denied (403) error in O365 environment, started after a Microsoft security update.

v1.0.4.0 - Fix for resolving access problems to the administration panel for certain users

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