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Great Onboarding Experience Starts Here

Welcome to Saketa - The Best O365 SharePoint Add-in Award Winner for 2018 and 2016 at MS Ignite. You got to experience our add-ins to believe how engaging and user friendly, SharePoint offerings can get and how they can add to your efficiency and productivity.

One of the biggest challenges for most HR personnel is to provide the best experience on day one while taking care of the mundane & rudimentary tasks and yet make a lasting impression. An organized planning of employee orientation, induction, introductions, providing role clarity, filling up the forms, etc. spread out through the day will make the new employee feel welcome and comfortable. There are several market studies that reiterated the fact that the day one experience will have a significant impact on a new employee and their longer association and retention with an organization.

Saketa Employee Onboarding is a SharePoint Add-in compatible with SharePoint 2016/2013 On-Premise and Office 365 versions that can make the employee onboarding process, organized, easily manageable, and less intimidating to all involved in the process including the new hires, when they first step in. SharePoint is one of the most popular collaboration and Intranet portals and having a platform like Saketa Employee Onboarding can help organizations with their digital platform unification strategy along side improving the productivity and efficiency.

Saketa Employee Onboarding Add-in is security trimmed that helps keep the employee information secure and easy to manage with no technical assistance. An intuitive interface, workflows and email notifications will streamline and automate the process and reduce the manual efforts considerably, there by making this tool a must have for organizations, that are currently handling the onboarding process manually and through emails. This audit-friendly tool also empowers the HR with the ability to assign tasks to the new hire and track the progress and send reminders, all from one location.


  • Configurable onboarding tasks.
  • Built in IT related activities like AD account, AD group requests, hardware /software/ access requests.
  • Workflow driven communication for approvals and notifications.
  • New Hire onboarding tasks assignment with reminders.
  • Dashboard to track the status and progress.
  • Reporting friendly.
  • One-stop intuitive admin dashboard to configure and manage the add-in with no technical supervision.
  • Security driven architecture to safe guard the sensitive information.
  • Saketa provides Technical services for additional customizations and manage them.

Saketa Employee Oboarding add-in can be the Solution for organizations to improve the onboarding experience with a centralized platform. It can help define the process and mature it with an easy customizable checklist of tasks.

Enjoy a 15-day free trial of the Saketa Employee Onboarding to check out how this tool can help redefine your onboarding process. Reach us at "Hello @" for any questions, demos and purchasing queries.

Version History:

v1.0.1.1 - Updated with a User guide link for easy reference

v1.0.2.0 - Fix for permission based access problems in on-prem, Bug fixes

v1.0.3.0 - Fix for Access denied error in O365 environment while making REST calls.

v2.0.0.0 - A completely redesigned elegant version built on React JS based framework, that you will just love it more. Additional enhancements.

v2.0.2.4 - Fix for IE browser compatibility issues.

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