RoomFinder - The easiest way to find a room


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The easiest way to find and book meeting rooms that suit your needs.

AskCody RoomFinder - The easiest and fastest way to find and book a meeting room inside Outlook and Office 365!

Meetings are a necessary part of business; the amount of time spent arranging them isn't. RoomFinder for Outlook lets you search for all meeting rooms and hot desks, across multiple locations and time zones with ease. Finding an available room has never been easier!

With RoomFinder you instantly know the availability of the room before you try booking it or see who has booked the room if it's occupied, and when the room will be released.

Right from the familiar Office 365 or Outlook interface, look for rooms that meet criteria, like "Skype for Business Video Conference", or search and sort by purpose of a meeting (e.g. huddle room), that special feature (room with a white board or projector), or search for a meeting room with a a guaranteed minimum capacity.

RoomFinder alleviate the hassles of meeting room booking, improve meeting room utilization, and enhance everyday productivity.

From the intuitive AskCody management portal you can manage and organize all meeting rooms, locations, facilities and equipment, or add new rooms and resources – of course integrated with your Exchange or Office 365 meeting rooms.

Since Office 365 and Outlook are always online and accessible, manual processes are a thing of the past. No need for outdated 3rd party tools or paper-based booking. With RoomFinder, everyone stays productive and makes better use of meeting space and time.

Note: The first time you open the AskCody RoomFinder Add-in, you (the administrator) will go through a setup process to add your organization to AskCody and configure your meeting rooms. This involves creating an administrative account with AskCody and connecting AskCody to your Exchange environment using Exchange Web Services. Once your organization has been added to AskCody, regular users can start using the RoomFinder as soon as they have linked their Office 365 account.

About AskCody:

AskCody creates happier, more convenient, and more productive, modern workplaces, while optimizing resources and reducing interruptions. The AskCody RoomFinder Add-in simplifies meeting scheduling and streamlines conference room booking, eliminating a nightmarish aspect of day-to-day business that zaps productivity and wastes precious time.

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