Smart Connect for SAP Jam


Add In for active users of SAP Jam. Post blogs, wiki pages, forum entries directly from your inbox!

Connect your customers, partners, and employees with key information and processes in the cloud – using SAP Jam. This enterprise social collaboration software brings together everything (and everyone) you need to solve problems quickly and drive results. Expedite sales cycles, increase customer and employee engagement, reduce training costs, and more.

SAP Jam is a platform that enables SAP customers and partners to interact with SAP employees and collaborate with them in online groups upon invitation.

Using Smart Connect for SAP Jam you can integrate your SAP JAM and your MS Outlook.

Smart Connect will capture all the data from an email automatically and you will be provided with familiar SAP Jam editing tools to apply any changes neccessarily.

Main features:

- Create SAP JAM wiki pages directly from your emails in MS Oultook.

- Post blog postings to SAP JAM based on your emails.

- Add SAP JAM forum entries out of your emails.

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