Sharekits - Share & Track Sales Attachments

Virtual Works

Share attachments inside personalized microsites. Track recipient’s engagement.

Sharekits is a simple email plugin that will help you to:

-Influence each prospect by sending your sales content and proposals inside a tailored, visually engaging Buyer Portal.

-Follow up more effectively by tracking each prospect’s interactions with your sales collateral and measuring their buying intent.

-Know which pieces of content are resonating with your buyers and which ones are frequently ignored.

Access the power of Sharekits within Outlook:

- Create a personalized portal for each buyer with a single click.

- Add your proposal and additional files.

- Automatically paste your trackable link into your e-mail messages.

- Get instant notifications about each buyer's level of engagement to follow-up in a smarter way.

A Sharekits account is required to use this add-in.

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