GoTo for Outlook

作者 GoTo Inc.

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Make calls directly from an email and manage your meetings right from Outlook

The new GoTo for Outlook combines calling and meeting features into one unified app. You can make calls directly from an email just by clicking phone numbers, as well as syncing your Outlook contacts with GoTo.

With the combined meeting features, you can use your online meeting room (or create a new one) for your invites. Or create one-time meetings with additional settings like password protection.


  • 可以在網際網路上傳送資料
  • 此增益集可以讀取或修改您信箱中任何項目的內容,以及建立新的項目。其可以存取任何訊息或行事曆項目中的個人資訊,例如內文、主旨、寄件者或附件等等。其可能會將此資料傳送給第三方服務。