Daily Say Contents

Daily Say

Content collections + automation tools for sending them to channels

Daily Say Contents enables managers to provide their team members with high quality professional contents.

It does this by combining two elements:

  1. Handpicked contents: a growing collection of educational and inspirational contents.
  2. Automation tools: an easy-to-use interface enabling managers to select contents and send them to channels automatically.

After being added to a channel, the bot will send the contents to the channel every working day.

Problem and Solution

  • Finding the proper contents and posting them to different channels everyday is time consuming.
  • We love to facilitate the whole process. By using the Daily Say Contents bot, people will receive inspiring and educational contents in the form of messages, at some prespecified time every working day.

For whom?

The contents are chosen to be useful for all employees. But the admin can select a particular content category.

Types of content

  • Short case studies to get inspired by other players. They summarize valuable lessons from experience of different companies.
  • Educational notes from credible books to get advantage of brilliant minds. Each message introduces a brief idea from a book.
  • Motivational quotes. We sometimes get exhausted and need some positive energy.
  • Recreational contents ranging from office exercise tips to works of art and poetry, they aim to keep us mindful of our physical and mental well-being.

No Spam

Maximum 4 messages a day and no advertisement.

Here is the plan for a typical day (three messages for this day):

  1. A motivational quote at 9am,
  2. A health tip or a relevant short case study at 11:30 am,
  3. The day ends at 5pm with an educational note from a book.

Pricing: paid with free trial

This is a paid service costing $50 a month. The cost is fixed and does not depend on the number of users in your team.

There is a 2-week free trial

for evaluation.

You can get 40% off on the annual subscription.

The subscription comes with an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days.

Subscription plans are available here.

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