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Create, send and track all of your Email communications.

ContactMonkey is a powerful internal communications tool that integrates with your Outlook inbox. Create beautiful and responsive HTML email templates for Outlook and measure how your employees engage with your emails with in-depth email tracking. Boost engagement within your existing Outlook distribution lists by pinpointing the exact content your recipients want to see using employee feedback.


ContactMonkey’s drag-and-drop email template builder makes it incredibly easy to build fantastic-looking HTML email templates that work perfectly across all devices. Choose from our library of professionally-designed templates, or create your own from scratch.

Our email template builder features a constantly-updated list of content for your email templates including:

Images, GIFs, and videos featuring content from free databases

Employee Net Promoter Score surveys

Emoji reactions, surveys, and anonymous comments

Custom icons, social media links, and buttons

Personalized copy according to who is receiving the email

Save time creating your internal emails and collect employee feedback by using responsive email templates.


Send your HTML emails to your distribution lists with ease. ContactMonkey can preview how your email will look on laptops and on mobile devices, so you can be sure that your email displays correctly.

Boost engagement with your email communications by personalizing your subject line according to the recipient. ContactMonkey’s merge tags let you add custom text—first name, last name, email, and more—into your subject line.

Using your tracking data, you can determine the times when your recipients are most likely to read your email and schedule a delayed email send for that time.


How can you know if your email was a hit with your audience? ContactMonkey gives you your own Campaign Dashboard where you can track how your emails are performing in real time. Gather in-depth information like:

Open Rate

Click-Through Rate

Opens by device and location

Peak engagement times

Survey results and comments

Most engaged recipients

And more

Export your results into easy-to-analyse reports to track your email engagement over time.

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We offer a free full feature trial for all Internal Communications Email Tracking Plans. Once you have completed your trial you can upgrade to our Full Communications plan within the add-in.

Our pricing is custom and based on your company needs and goals, for more information please visit

Note: ContactMonkey is not supported on Internet Explorer 11 or Safari.


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