Enovation Zaurus | Consulting Room

作者 Zaurus B.V.

Create digital consulting rooms straight from your Outlook agenda

Healthcare professionals use Enovation Zaurus’ digital consulting rooms to conduct video calls with patients and colleagues. To increase the efficiency of ‘organising’ such a video call for Outlook users, Enovation Zaurus has developed an add-in that will enable you to create a digital consulting room when you add an appointment to your Outlook agenda.

Invitees can participate in a video call without creating a Zaurus account. Their invitation includes a link and access code that will enable them to participate at the agreed time.

If the invitee already has a Zaurus account, they can also choose to log in before entering the consulting room. The digital consulting room will then be added to their account.

Please note: in order to use the Consulting Room add-in for Outlook, you will need an active Enovation Zaurus account. Contact the Enovation Zaurus team at so that they can advise you on which subscription would best suit the needs of your organisation.


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