Templafy for SharePoint

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Create on-brand documents quickly using Templafy without leaving the SharePoint environment

Templafy SharePoint App brings the functionality of Templafy right inside the SharePoint environment. The App provides users with an improved document creation workflow experience that helps secure brand and compliance without having to work outside of the SharePoint environment.

How does the Templafy SharePoint App work?

With Templafy SharePoint App, users creating a document from inside SharePoint will see a new dialogue embedded in the workflow to help them get started creating the business document using existing metadata from SharePoint.

Additionally, Templafy’s Library is available as a handy task pane inside Office Online, bringing users a portal to access all the latest company document assets.

Finally, documents created through the Templafy SharePoint App automatically save back to the correct SharePoint folder, ensuring all business documents are stored where they’re supposed to be.

Who will this benefit?

Templafy SharePoint App is designed to help users who work in SharePoint and create documents as part of their daily tasks. The App will help increase efficiency in their workflow, ensure compliance and branding in the document itself, while automatically ensuring the document is stored back in the correct SharePoint folder.