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Motionize, an AI-powered search & drafting tool for contracts

Draft and review contracts faster than ever before with instant access to precedents, clauses, and AI-powered search and drafting tools.

Motionize allows lawyers to take their performance to the next level. Re-use standardized precedents language all inside an intuitive interface. In addition, Motionize’s intelligent search and drafting assistance helps you identify, navigate, and improve important parts of your legal documents.

  • Use our intuitive search to find your firm’s previously used precedents, clauses, and definitions in context.
  • Track your favorite clauses.
  • Analyze definitions in your document to find undefined terms & unused definitions.
  • Leave notes for your colleagues so you can transfer information more easily.

To begin, install the Word add-in and begin your free trial by clicking Create Account in the add-in. You only need an email. You will enjoy 14 days without charge to improve your contract drafting.

Upgrade to continue to use Motionize's features after your 14-day trial.

Please note you will not be charged until you make a decision at the end of your trial period.

We offer a paid subscription at $25/month (per user, billed monthly) or $50/month for teams (per user/billed monthly).


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