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Fast attendance registration for schools that lowers student dropouts.

Attender takes a new and modern approach to and old problem. How to mark attendance fast and how to prevent student dropout.

The main advantages of Attender are:

Mark attendance faster and save time

Attender is fast and easy to use. The interfaces are built to look like app you already know so it feels intuitive. This will save several minutes for each lesson you mark attendance.

Statistics with AI

The statistical interface uses AI to spot trends and who you should take notice off. Our ``Movers N´ Shakers`` overview automatically shows teacher behavior absence patterns that you should be aware off. This could be a student that has low overall absence but skips all sports classes.

Attendance registration in Microsoft Teams

Attender is also made for Microsoft Teams. This saves the teacher a lot of time as you do not need to change between systems to mark attendance. Attender can automatically register attendance when doing online classes.

In order to use this app, your organization needs to have an active “Attender” account. Please refer to our homepage to purchase. Contact us [here](


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