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End-to-end encrypted file transfer for you and your clients

Arcano brings easy end-to-end encrypted file sharing right into Outlook. Securely send even large files with a simple and safe Arcano link.

Send your sensitive data over our encrypted Swiss servers instead of an easily interceptable email attachment.

You can even share files with your team or organization directly over Arcano inside Outlook and avoid any links in your email.*

Comply with international data protection laws (such as the Swiss DSG and the European DSGVO) at the click of a button.

Please be aware that this plugin necessitates an Arcano account, if you do not have one already consider starting your free trial right here:

*Feature requires that both sending and receiving parties do have an active Arcano subscription and are in the same Arcano “Organization”. Learn more here:


  • 可以在網際網路上傳送資料
  • 此增益集可以存取及修改使用中訊息內的個人資訊,例如內文、主旨、寄件者、收件者及附件資訊等等。其可能會將此資料傳送給第三方服務。對於您信箱中的其他項目則無法讀取或修改。