Buffer Time by

作者 Combine AI

Buffer time added to your calendar, automatically lets you create intelligent rules to add buffer time before and/or after specific appointments in your calendar

Quickly and easily create rules to add padding time before and/after particular events in your calendar. To get started, simply connect your calendar, create your rules and will work in the background to automatically add buffer time to new events in your calendar.

Here are some examples of how our existing customers are using on a daily basis:

✅ Fighting meeting fatigue caused by back-to-back meetings by adding 10 min prep time for each meeting

✅ Adding 15 mins after each meeting to allow time to write up notes for external sales meetings

✅ Adding 20 mins before an appointment to allow for the room to be organised, cleaned and set up for the next person

Why add buffer time to my events?

🙂 Reclaim your time for doing work between meetings

🙂 Block others from booking back-to-back meetings in your calendar

🙂 Boost your meeting productivity by allowing time for preparation

🙂 Prevent stress and panic and improve wellbeing by giving time to breathe between meetings

🙂 Gain time in your schedule to comfortably complete important admin tasks such as entering data in a CRM or project management software

How does it work?

Sign up for an account and quickly go through the onboarding process. You can then create your buffer time rules and sit back as populates your calendar with your buffer time. You can update your rules at any time. Any new events will get buffer time added automatically in a few seconds.


Buffer Time by was created by Combine AI to help busy professionals avoid the pain of daily meeting scheduling. Our mission is to eliminate tedious, repetitive and mundane tasks from your daily life. also provides automatic travel time for your calendar.


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