4Pointx IIoT Platform

作者 4Pointx Industrial Analytics LLP

The next-generation industrial analytics platform and AI solutions for manufacturers.

The fourth industrial revolution, unlike the previous three, is driven by more than one invention — IoT, Big Data and AI. 4Pointx converges these technologies into
a unified platform that dramatically shrinks costs and time-to-value in Industrial AI and IoT implementations.

The 4Pointx IIoT Platform integrates with IoT sensors, Plant's automation systems, and ERPs and provides a unified layer for doing shop floor analytics at scale. In short, the 4Pointx IIoT Platform simplifies Industrial Analytics of Things (IAoT) allowing Plant managers to build and deploy data-driven solutions in an automated manner. 

Use cases
- Production Asset Maintenance
- Remote Asset Monitoring
- Production Defects Prediction
- Process Efficiency
- Plant Performance Optimisation

4Pointx IIoT Platform differentiators
- IoT accelerator with fastest implementation times
- Quickest proof of value through a cloud POC
- Open architecture with high extensibility
- Off-the-shelf industrial AI apps
- Data Science workbench for custom solutions