Capita Onboard

作者 Capita Resourcing Ltd (People Solutions)

Digital onboarding platform to facilitate automated process for new hires to your organisation

Capita Onboard is the first fully integrated digital screening and onboarding solution. Remove onboarding friction to enhance the experience of your new talent.  You'll be more informed about your recruits. They'll feel more engaged with their new workplace. And by digitising - and automating - the process you'll regain valuable time.

The friction for new joiners is so endemic that, in certain industries, the dropout rate between offer and start date is as high as 20%. With the average cost of replacing a new hire at £32,000, that's a hefty chunk of your recruitment budget lost, not to mention the administrative time involved.  Which is why we've designed an integrated background checking and onboarding platform which uses automation to smooth the process - for managers, employees and new recruits - and avoid those costly flights risks.

Our automated digital platform transforms checking and onboarding into an opportunity to engage, equip and retain a high-performance workforce, enhancing your reputation as an employer, better protecting your business from risk and ensuring new staff feel like one of the team from day one. The benefits include:

- Fully digital - The best of human and digital interactions with automatic distribution of data
- Mobile enabled - Accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any device
- Updates and alerts - Managers and new joiners know what's happening at every stage
- Simple and easy-to-use - Frustration-free intuitive interface and processes suitable for all staff
- Interactive interventions - Supports managers to intervene & ensure positive outcomes in the onboarding journey
- Automated workflow - Guide managers and new joiners through a personalised process
- Insights from data - These can be captured and acted on to inform and guide your policies
- Flexible, multi-application platform - Strengthens connections between employee & organisation by making use of the platform for communicating across teams and for learning

Together, this enables a world class employee experience. New joiners can provide feedback, so you can know how they feel about the process. It fosters trusts, confidence and excitement about the new role to boost motivation and commitment. And it reduces the risk to your business. With our combined solution, you'll have the whole picture of every candidate and can keep pace with evolving legislation. 

In the UK, only 12% of employees say they had a good onboarding experience. Yet 'doing onboarding right' can lead to as much as 70% increased productivity for new starters. Let's get started today!