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Enhance the security and auditability of sensitive document storage and transfer with Diginex Trust

For sophisticated businesses, mistakes with workflows involving sensitive documents and multiple parties can result in a lack of trust. The result is uncertainty for managers where it matters most. Diginex Trust can help reduce uncertainty by adding an additional layer of integrity to your documents and processes. The product is aimed at high performing teams across multiple industries.

Diginex Trust is an enterprise-grade document and workflow management tool that leverages blockchain technology to upgrade security and data integrity. Business processes can be designed and configured to fit seamlessly alongside your existing tools and flows. Documents can be uploaded to Diginex Trust and securely shared with internal and external parties. All interactions with your documents are securely broadcast to the Ethereum blockchain, and a tamperproof record of that interaction is generated, increasing accountability and adding additional peace of mind. Each document has a rich immutable audit log. A printable record of blockchain transaction details can be generated and shared.

We recognize that each business has its own complex and unique needs when it comes to important processes and sensitive documents. That's why we leverage Diginex Trust capabilities in ways that make the most sense, delivering tailored blockchain-enabled solutions targeted at specific problems.

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Diginex Trust Beta Features

  • Easily accessible client portal
  • Upload and securely share documents
  • All interactions broadcast to a blockchain
  • Tamperproof document audit logs
  • Configurable workflows
  • Define existing business processes in Diginex Trust
  • Rich document sharing settings
  • Printable blockchain transaction data

Diginex Trust Custom Capabilities

  • Configurable dashboard powered by Microsoft Power BI
  • Detailed workflow management capabilities
  • Integrations with leading Microsoft Dynamix and other leading ERP and CRM tools
  • Zero Knowledge Proofs and advanced cryptography
  • Widgets
  • Document editing and attachments
  • ...and more