AssistEdge RPA

作者 EdgeVerve Systems Ltd

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AssistEdge is the most cohesive and scalable Automation platform with advanced AI capabilities

AssistEdge RPA is an enterprise-grade product that excels in enabling businesses adapt to market challenges that demand scalability, security, intelligence and innovation. AssistEdge helps enterprises automate across multiple tasks that span across diverse processes, systems, workgroups, functions and geographies. This is made possible using a powerful blend of human and digital workforce orchestration. AssistEdge enables enterprise to be agile and innovative, helping them uncover their true competitive advantage.


In our latest release, we have introduced ‘Albie’, a cognitive engine that seamlessly unifies the human-digital workforce. Albie leverages a variety of data sources to deliver pervasive intelligence across process design, management and execution. This pushes the automation frontier to 95% for tasks involving human discretion and drives extreme simplicity in managing automation exceptions. Platform coverage has been significantly enhanced to achieve much greater automation coverage of enterprise systems. The architectural upgrades on the platform enable large-scale deployments, with up to 100 bots on a standard machine allowing for optimal hardware investments. AssistEdge RPA is built on ground breaking technology with 18+ patent assets around critical dimensions of bot management, bot orchestration, performance prediction and deployment.


Key Features


Contextual Intelligence


Albie enables digital workers to observe, learn and solve business problems. It empowers human workers with contextual insights, to identifying process redesigning opportunities.  


Closed Loop RPA


Bringing automation exception management into the scope of RPA using Albie Decision Workbench. Albie learns from human feedback to continuously reduce automation exceptions


Enterprise-grade security


GDPR ready. Integrated with CyberArk credential vault, SAML and OpenID Connect-based authentication. Introduction of access modes to prevent unauthorized access


Computer Vision & OCR Services on tap


Automate processes involving extraction of information embedded in documents like images, handwritten notes, prints & scans using cognitive services on tap


Expanded automation coverage (footprint)


Coverage of Citrix farms/ VDI increase ability to expand automation across the enterprise. Out-of-the-box multi-lingual support, including Japanese, Spanish & French