HR Request for Dynamics 365

作者 FourVision

Centralize HR-related requests with HR Request for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources (F&SCM)

Collect, structure, redistribute and monitor all HR related requests in your organization via fully configurable forms.

Standardize common HR requests and reduce workloads

Quite often the Human resources department gets overloaded with related requests from employees, managers and (HR) specialists. Most of these requests are often addressed in big volumes and in an unstructured way, like email, telephone or direct queries from employees at the HR desk.

By centralizing requests into one solution, the HR Request Web App simplifies your request process, allowing your HR team to focus on essential tasks to save time and reduce the administrative burden

It allocates the incoming workload and supports organizations who centralize their HR activities into a Shared Services Center (SSC). HR Request supports (partly) centralized HR Shared Service Center on administrative tasks like Common HR transactions, Payroll changes, relocation services, recruitment administration, benefits administration. The Web App HR Request also supports frequently provided information and advice.

Automate your hiring process and enhance HR efficiency.

Improve your Recruitment & Candidate Management process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with advanced hiring workflows and approval requests:

  • Initiate the hiring process by filing Hiring Requisitions from the application, using positions from Dynamics 365 Core HR.
  • Incorporate forms that enrich applicant data with data, like leave and compensation plans. All before creating a new worker in Dynamics 365's HRIS.
  • Create advanced workflows for recruiting, hiring, approvals, security checks, and more.
  • Display approval requests outside of Dynamics 365, like chatbots in Microsoft Teams or Power Apps.
  • HR Request connects Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O-HR with FourVision’s other Web Apps and third-party systems.
  • Establish a seamless recruitment- and hiring process with out-of-the-box integrations between iCIMS, Dynamics ATS, and custom integrations.

Do more with the API integration toolbox

HR Request lets you interface between different systems, including Dynamics 365, Recruitment systems, Payroll and more.
Our API toolbox enables Dynamics 365 customers to integrate FourVision’s web-based apps with any Microsoft business application, such as Azure, the Power Platform, Dynamics 365, - or even Office 365 apps like Teams, Power Automate, and indeed the option to connect it to your own Power Apps.

List of features of HR Request

    • Allow HR departments to easily create request forms for various use cases.
    • HR service center for any organization.
    • Benefits administration.
    • Support for position requisitions, job requisitions, and hiring requisitions.
    • Set up approval workflows that suite your business processes.

    • Track the entire process of the request and leave commentary with each status change.
    • Managerial overview of all requests made.
    • Configurable request forms with custom fields.
    • Auto-filling of information.
    • Notifications that alert managers to take actions.
    • Notifications that inform employees on the status of each request.
    • Dashboards and self-service for employees, managers and the HR department.
    • Reporting on HR request trends.
    • Access via desktop, mobile or Microsoft Teams.
    • GDPR Compliant.