Indoorway InSite 4.0

作者 Indoorway

Improve productivity and safety in Industry 4.0

Indoorway provides accurate data and useful analytics about movement of assets in industrial sites

You can locate in real-time any moving resources that are relevant to key production and intralogistics processes e.g. forklifts, autonomous robots, tugger trains, tools, workers, production equipment, components, etc.

Indoorway infrastructure consists of Hubs installed on walls or ceiling that collect accurate location data from small Tags, which are carried by people or attached to objects. We use Ultra WideBand (UWB) technology that ensures high accuracy and quality of measurements in industrial environment. It takes as little as one day to install the whole system and access real-time data.

Indoorway's location data can integrate with clients' key ERP systems via our API. Adding location context to data about inventory, assets, materials, workforce, shipping, or production provides a more granular view of operations and opens up new automation possibilities.