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Novisto is an ESG data management and analytics SaaS Software for CSR/Sustainability functions

Novisto is an ESG data management and analytics solution that helps companies stay in control of their ESG narrative, create value out of their non-financial data, and manage supply chain risks. The Novisto platform is powered by the most advanced and innovative technologies revolutionizing how corporations manage and report on their sustainability measures and meet investors demands for non-financial information.

Novisto is an all-in-one sustainability management software that simplifies the data collection, oversight, and disclosure processes and helps companies create value from their ESG data. Novisto is uniquely positioned to digitally transform the sustainability function with best-in-class technology, AI-driven analytics, and an obsession for customer success. We help companies do better, better.

Consolidate your company’s ESG data and records in one place and leverage the power of automation and data-driven insights for better decision-making.

Novisto ensures that your ESG data, workflows, and reporting are:

TRUSTED - Capture and collect traceable, auditable, and consistent data and documents in one secure place for better data quality and assurance.

EFFICIENT Automate processes and centralize resources to spend less time on data collection and reporting and more time on analysis and management.
INSIGHTFULLeverage a holistic view of your ESG performance to drive continuous improvement and establish a clear connection between sustainability impacts and financial performance.

How can Novisto help you? 

Sustainability and CSR

Spend less time on data collection and navigating the complex landscape of reporting frameworks and more time on sustainability strategy and execution.

Investor Relations and Communications

Take control of your ESG narrative, disclose what is material to your investors, seamlessly answer third party ESG questionnaires and conduct competitive analysis with a click of a button.

C-Suite and Board

Identify and manage ESG risks and opportunities, review and improve your company's performance