o9 Integrated Business Planning

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Synchronize and Optimize business decisions across core Supply Chain, Revenue and Financial Planning

Digital integrated business planning (IBP) capabilities of o9’s AI-powered platform is powering enterprises to create a whole new level of agility and operational excellence, leading to millions of dollars in incremental sales & margin.


  • Sales & Operations Planning: Move from monthly Sales and Operations Planning using spreadsheets and PowerPoints to a daily / weekly real-time collaborative process.
  • Annual Operating Plan & Budgeting: Align Performance with business goals with an operating plan that captures the strategic intent.
  • Long Range Planning: Set the cross-functional business goals with a unified view across the strategic planning horizon.


  • Single Integrated Plan Model: Create different planning model horizons, based on a single unified model with intelligent aggregation.
  • Complete P&L and KPI Visibility: Summarize scenarios with connected financial KPIs. Use financial reasoning and reconciliation within the integrated planning process.
  • Robust scenario analysis and comparisons: Analyze real-time scenario capabilities during IBP sessions. Get AI-based recommendations around risks and opportunities.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) based search & discovery: Create interactive views. Turn cross-functional review and alignment into a fluid process.
  • Live Platform: Enhance effectiveness of S&OP by moving to a digital collaborative platform with always current plans & analytics.
  • Complete Financial Perspective: Cross enterprise, move from just Supply Chain centric to a Business Unit, P&L centric S&OP.
  • Apply Market Insights: Create granular analysis of sub-markets and incorporation of key industry trends.

About o9

o9 is the premier AI-powered platform for driving digital transformations of integrated planning and operations capabilities. o9’s clients span a variety of industries across manufacturing and retail supply chain. All your core planning processes - whether it is driving demand, aligning demand & supply, or managing P&L, can be made faster and smarter with o9’s AI-powered digital solutions and delivered seamlessly in one platform.