Solution4Labs LIMS for Small Teams

作者 SoftwareHut Sp. z o.o.

Solution4Labs LIMS for Small Teams - enterprise-class system adapted to support small laboratories

Solution4Labs LIMS for Small Teams in Azure Cloud version has all the features and options you might need for running a small and medium lab. From working on samples, calculations, through personnel and instrument workload management, to advanced reporting and reagent inventory management.

Solution4Labs LIMS for Small Teams will efficiently handle all the processes and data generated during your tests. Azure Cloud guarantees full scalability of the platform and the possibility of almost instantaneous increase in resource efficiency, so that you can continue to develop your laboratory's operations without any problems.

New users can start working in the LIMS system immediately. Their tasks can be automated, the need for manual data rewriting is eliminated and the risk of errors is reduced. Reports can be generated and distributed automatically, allowing analysts to concentrate on research work instead of filling in documents.

Solution4Labs LIMS is considered the most flexible and customization-friendly system on the market.

Laboratory employees can freely modify interfaces, implement procedures and methods, and develop flexible report templates without the participation of IT specialists.