Berrycast: Record Your Screen & Share It With Ease

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Dead simple to use screen recording tool.

One-click record & share.

Berrycast lets you:

  • Record your screen (with optional microphone/camera)

  • Share your videos with one click on social media and via email

  • Receive notifications when your videos are being watched.

Our easy Microsoft Teams integration allows you to share a link directly and it will embed directly into the Teams chat. It’s as simple as that.

This productive tool lets you collaborate easily with your teammates and clients so that they can see your desktop as if they’re sitting right next to you. Break down the barriers of remote working by sending a Berrycast over.

Explain complex concepts, teach your clients or employees how to do something, or give a personal boost to your communications. Our customers work in all sectors, from schools to banks to medical professions, and they create Berrycasts to empower themselves and eliminate frustration.

Other features of Berrycast include:

  • Password Protection (optional)

  • Video trimming

  • One-click-URL capture

  • Statistics on video views

  • Microphone and webcam support (optional)

  • Outlook and Gmail integration

Discover the best screen recorder for Microsoft Teams—available now.

It takes 5 easy steps to Berrycast:

  1. Hit record

  2. Strut your stuff (narrate if desired while showing the screen)

  3. Stop the video

  4. Copy the automatically-created URL

  5. Share away!

Note: The current version does not support video recording on mobile devices.