Transvault PST Insight

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Discover, manage and migrate your PSTs to any location

Transvault PST Insight gives business and IT managers the power to find PSTs across the enterprise, understand what’s in them and expertly manage and move their contents in line with business, compliance and operational needs.

Designed specifically for tackling large and complex PST migration projects where the ‘target’ could be a mix of on-premises and cloud-based platforms and storage, Transvault PST Insight delivers high-scalability, granular control, single-instancing, automation and real-time progress visibility.

Manage & Move Contents in line with Data Policies

Transvault PST Insight lets you manage and migrate PST contents in line with enterprise compliance and business needs, using PST Insight’s granularity, flexibility and powerful single-instancing to achieve optimal results.

For example, you might decide to:

  • Migrate items that meet retention policies into a third-party archive
  • Move PST contents belonging to leavers into Microsoft Azure for secure, long-term retention
  • Automatically delete in place anything that falls outside of your retention policy
  • Re-hydrate any legacy shortcuts with the full item