Labor Planning (Workforce Forecasting) Solution for Global Enterprises by Tredence

作者 Tredence Inc

A solution which helps firms to identify the optimal amount of DC labor force to balance labor cost

Develop a solution which can provide the optimal DC labor headcount while accounting for labor costs, demand volatility and labor productivity

Because of fluctuations in demand and supply, distribution centers frequently have a variable amount of products moving in and out of them.
Having an insufficient amount of labor in distribution centers results in increased lead-time to process orders and lowered throughput, resulting in congestion and pileups in the supply chain.
On the flip side, having an excess amount of labor results in higher expenses for the firm and lower productivity metrics.
How do we address your challenges?
The Tredence labor planning solution provides the following functionalities for firms to have an accurate view of labor requirements and plan accordingly:
1) Dynamic labor planning using volume forecasts
2) Cost optimization tool to determine permanent vs. temporary vs. overtime hours
3) Optimized workforce policy and activity planning for each site
4) Labor Requirements Simulation and Scenario Planning Tool