USDM Cloud Assurance for Azure DevOps


Rapid implementation, qualification, and maintenance to achieve continuous GxP compliance

USDM Cloud Assurance for Azure DevOps provides fast-start tools and accelerators significantly decrease your implementation and qualification of your Azure DevOps for GxP use. Once qualified, maintain compliance with continuous monitoring, regression testing of releases, patches, and updates so you can keep innovating in a continuously compliant state.


    • Delivered via building block Computer Software Assurance (CSA) methodology
    • Microsoft Azure Vendor Assurance Report
    • Functional Requirements with Risk Assessment
    • Configuration Specification for GxP use
    • Automated Configuration Verification
    • Automated Summary Report with Trace Matrix
    • 12 months of USDM Cloud Assurance™ continuous compliance for core Azure
      • Continuous monitoring and release management
      • Change Impact assessments
      • Updated qualification documents for high-risk releases
      • Monthly Regression testing