Wipro's Conversational Assistant

作者 Wipro India

A conversational interface for your IT Support & Maintenance and Business transactions.

Transform the traditional manual & navigational interface to conversational interface with Wipro's Conversational Assistant, Powered by HOLMES™. The solution is built on Microsoft stack leveraging Azure services – Bot Service, Office 365 and Cognitive Services – LUIS, Text Analytics, Computer Vision, Speech, Translator Text and Search. The conversational solution delivers 24/7 support across multiple channels in multiple languages.

The solution offers 2 streams:

  1. Conversational ITSM- Automating L1 and L2 support along with service request for application support and user education. Pre-Built with a curated knowledge base for Office 365 and Dynamics 365 workloads.
  2. Conversational Business – Enabling conversational business transactions for existing/ new business processes across various domains. The solution enables building NLP models on LUIS with API integration tailored for your business needs

The Assistant is backed with Cognitive SME’s, Enterprise Architects & a curated knowledge base for Office 365 & Dynamics 365 tickets. Empower your employees with enhanced support and engage your customers with conversational experiences, all of this in no time with enterprise ready architecture from Wipro.