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accoADE - Advanced Data Editor - data quality and agile data management - create, read, edit, delete

Originally, this tool was made to eliminate the different Excel sheets that our customers were using to maintain or enhance master and meta data. Almost every data warehouse solution uses one or many EXCEL, SharePoint lists or CSV sheets as a source of data where no source system is available.


  • Data quality
  • Inline mode
  • User-friendly

All experienced data warehouse professionals know that using EXCEL, SharePoint list or CSV files as a data source can be a big pain because of the limitation of non-validated data, formatting issues and locking issues. Even the best data warehouse can be limited by non-valid or non-existing meta data or by update errors caused by locked excel sheets. Hence, all organizations need this tool.


  • Maintaining data you do not have a source solution for
  • Enhancing master data on existing master data
  • Adding additional information on existing data
  • Approval processes for data
  • Eliminating excel sheets as data sources
  • Adding additional validation rules compared to SharePoint lists
  • List reporting


  • Update, insert and/or delete options
  • MAX and MIN validations
  • Dropdown boxes
  • Lookup validations
  • Search as you type selection boxes
  • Open child data sets
  • Data type validations
  • Date picker
  • Check boxes
  • Column ordering
  • Table filtering
  • Frontend filtering
  • Line/Form edit
  • Update, insert and delete
  • SharePoint integrated
  • Hide, required and edit options for each column
  • Default values

To continue using this tool after a 30-day trial period a subscription is required.

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