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Get a sharp visual view on your risk profiles with this Risk Heatmap / Risk Matrix for Power BI!

Get a sharp visual view on your risk profiles with this Risk Heatmap / Matrix for Power BI!

This visual is built to visualize profiles, that are measured in a matrix of two KPIs and different categories. It is able to visualize multiple indicators per field. You can freely and dynamically select all expressions between a 3×3 and 5×5 matrix. Various settings like custom colors, flexible border and text settings adapts this extension to your reporting needs.

This visual can also be used for monitoring and indicating thresholds for all types of physical measures, quality indicators and divergences in general. It can be applied to a broad number of uses cases, that occur different businesses. The following listing shows a selection of possible uses cases, that had been already implemented:

Project Management: Visualize risk and opportunity profiles for a project, program or portfolio

IT: Indicate applications, that are in green, yellow or red area of status (performance, health)

Please note:
LeapLytics - Risk Heatmap / Matrix is free to use within a limited time periode. To unlock all included features permanently, please update to PRO version.

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