Ansys VRXPERIENCE platform enabled on Azure


Ansys VRXPERIENCE supports the development of cutting-edge ADAS and Autonomous systems.

The Ansys VRXPERIENCE platform consists of two modules that work together: VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR™ and VRXPERIENCE Sensors. 


VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR™ is an open and scalable modular simulation solution that creates an ultra-realistic virtual world. It enables autonomous software feature testing against a variety of objectives and performance requirements and integrates replications of roads generated from high-definition (HD) maps and asset libraries, traffic situations, weather conditions, vehicle dynamics and more. Any custom vehicle model can be connected through FMI, C/C++, ANSYS Twin Builder and/or 3rd party dynamic models.  SCANeR™ also integrates with all driver hardware simulator interfaces to create most immersive driving experience. 


VRXPERIENCE Sensors readily integrates the simulation of sensors such as camera, lidar, ultrasonic, and radar sensor types. Powerful graphical visualization capabilities enable you to assess your complex ADAS systems and autonomous vehicles virtually, by connecting true physics and functional operations in a single drive simulator. Benefit from the proven Ansys physics-simulation capabilities to recreate sensor behavior, and easily retrieve sensor results through a dedicated interface. This solution provides a unique way to collect virtual sensor information during driving and use the information to develop autopilot code.

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