Bink turns a single payment card in to a universal loyalty card.

Bink complements and accelerates existing loyalty programmes by enabling customers to conveniently store and view their loyalty cards on their phone and with Bink’s Payment Linked Loyalty® technology, link their payment cards to automatically collect points and rewards every time they shop.

Through Payment Linked Loyalty, Bink enables a frictionless experience at the till. By linking a customer’s payment card to their loyalty schemes, their payment card becomes their loyalty card, eliminating the time, complexity and hassle of retrieving and showing plastic loyalty cards, key fobs, paper coupons or loyalty apps at checkout.

Bink works with existing loyalty programmes to drive new membership by identifying potential new loyalty members who have already shopped with them and inviting them to join their loyalty programme, through a quick and easy sign-up process in the Bink app.

Partnering with Bink allows retailers to enrich their data from Bink members, giving them the ability to create even more relevant, personalised rewards and offers, and drive deeper brand engagement.

Bink’s robust technology platform is supported by Microsoft Azure and is designed to support millions of users, offering quick and easy integration with retail partner apps. Bink’s infrastructure incorporates the highest levels of security and data protection. Bink provides comprehensive technical support for their Retail Partners, and direct access to developers.

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