Neal Analytics

CustomerIQ enables churn prediction, customer lifetime value forecasting, and personalization.

CustomerIQ is a holistic platform and service solution from Neal Analytics. It leverages Microsoft Platforms, such as Dynamics Customer Insights and Azure Machine Learning, and Neal expertise in integrating end-to-end solutions and building custom machine learning models, to offer an integrated solution for companies that want to become more customer centric. 

With CustomerIQ, customer data from internal and external sources is consolidated into a single platform. Using custom machine learning models, customer insights are developed allowing for real-time marketing campaign measurement and micro-segmentation. In turn, these finely segmented campaigns help grow revenues, reduce cost and drive brand growth. CustomerIQ enables seamless integration of a Microsoft-based data lake data platform or any other customer data platform with Dynamics Customer Insights, in order to fuel Neal's CustomerIQ algorithms. 

Our typical 6 weeks of timeline after you sign up for customer IQ align with our professional services offering for Dynamics Customer Insights: