Appointment Management System


PetalMD develops solutions to improve the efficiency of health establishments and access to care.

  •  Hub Platform

The Hub solution synchronizes patient demand with physician supply. It digitizes the planning of medical resources and captures all patient demand by connecting to all appointment scheduling platforms. The solution can reduce waiting periods, increase patient satisfaction and productivity of healthcare professionals (providers), and standardize data access and performance. By adopting this technological platform, it allows large healthcare systems to create the digital foundations of a transformation that will change the patient experience across the continuum of care and increase effectiveness by using data.

The PetalMD Hub solution offers the necessary attributes to achieve important milestones in digital healthcare transformation:

- A rapid deployment process accompanied by a turnkey training service.

- An ongoing development of new services to deploy

- A great power of configurability depending on the detailed needs

- An integration layer allowing the interoperability with the current systems

- A cloud-based, versatile software architecture allowing fast changes (fast customization process)

The Hub platform aims to centralize all of the primary care supply as well as to allow patients to access the appointments available from all medical clinics, COVID-19 testing sites, laboratory services, immunization clinics or pharmacies of large healthcare organizations or regions.

  • Patient Appointment Booking System

Whether you’re a large healthcare organization , a medical clinic, an external clinic or a pharmacy, PetalMD can deploy, in just a few days, a complete online booking portal and a platform that facilitates access to your services while optimizing your time slots.

- Portal to book appointments online, directly on your website

- Automated reminders by SMS, phone or email

- Filters to prioritize certain cases

- Analytical dashboards and statistical reports

- Centralization of appointments from different channels

- Easy setup for different types of appointments and time slots


The patient online booking platform allows you to:

- Free up your phone lines

- Simplify appointment management

- Allow clients to book 24/7

- Reduce missed appointments

- Optimize time slots

- Use a secure environment

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