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The Product Attribute Search add-on allows users to select the right products when needed

Standard Microsoft D365 product allows you to add additional product information without modifying the standard application.

Until now the lack of search functionality on categories and attributes has prevented this functionality to become fully unleashed. The Product Attribute Search functionality allows users to select the right products when needed.

Extend a product with unlimited number of attributes and search products by category and attributes across the system.

  • Easy to use. The add-on works out-of-the-box once installed with no additional parameter setup required. Hierarchy categories and attributes instantly available for searching on the form.
  • Quick search. The products are filtered on the form instantly, using the original form query.
  • Enhanced search capabilities. Attribute filters support multi-value lookup, wildcards, multiple filters with And\Or logic, cross-hierarchy and cross-category search, attribute translation.
  • Easy to find and analyze. The add-on is embedded on standard forms.
  • All in one filter. The add-on filters by all sort of attributes: Product attributes (inherited attributes, attributes group, inherited attributes group), Category attributes.
  • Easy to extend. The Product Attribute Search can be added to any standard or custom form via UI setup (for more details review the video below).

The Product Attribute Search implements:
  • Product attribute values form. User can review products, hierarchies, categories, attributes, attribute values on a grid. For example, User can filter out products with missed attribute value.
  • Product attribute analysis workspace. User can slice sales data (sales, profit, quantities) by hierarchies, categories, attributes.
  • The following standard forms can be filtered by product hierarchies, categories and attributes
    • Product information management:
      • Products
      • Products by category
      • Released products
      • Released products by category
    • Sales and marketing
      • Customers
      • Sales orders, Sales lines
      • Sales order confirmations, Picking list, Packing slip journal, Invoice journal
      • Sales quotations, Sales agreements, Sales return orders
    • Procurement and sourcing
      • Vendors
      • Purchase orders, Backorder purchase lines
      • Purchase order confirmations, Receipts list, Product receipt
      • Delayed receipts, Purchase requisitions, Requests for quotations, Purchase agreements
    • Inventory management
      • Inventory on-hand
      • Inventory transactions
      • Inventory journals (Movement, Inventory adjustment, Transfer, Bills of materials, Inventory ownership change journal, Item arrival, Production input, Counting, Tag counting)
      • Shipments, Picking list registration, Transfer orders, Output orders
      • Batches
    • Warehouse management
      • Physical on-hand inventory
      • Loads, Shipments, Works
      • Containers
      • Locations
      • License plates
    • Production control
      • Production orders
    • Master planning
      • Planned orders
  • When adding new lines user can quickly find products by category and attributes on the following forms:
    • Sales order, Sales quotation, Purchase order, Purchase requisitions
    • Modes of delivery, Trade agreement journals, Rebate agreements, Item requirements, Funds, Trade allowance agreements, Royalty agreements
    • Counting, Transfer orders
    • Retail and Commerce module: Buyer's push, Mass update worksheet, Product packages, Print product labels, Product kit, Assortments, Commerce product hierarchy, View product recommendations, All discounts
Use case examples:
  • Find all customers which buy Volvo XC60, XC90 Hybrid (where Brand, Model, Engine are product attributes)
  • Check on-hand for all XXXL Sleeveless T-shirts (where Size, Model are product attributes)
  • Find all Cotton, Casual, Open neck dresses available in the Company to propose a Customer while entering a sales order (where Fabric, Collection, Neck are product attributes)
  • Analyze sales of headphones for previous month with silicone ear cushions and earbuds headphone type (where Ear cushions and Headphone type are product attributes), etc.

The Product Attribute Search functionality requires no additional parameter setup to work. All functionality is built on existing standard setup options using product attributes. This ensures that even in existing applications using hierarchies and attribute the add-on will work out-of-the-box once installed with no additional parameter setup required.

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