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Mago Sales Dashboard

Zucchetti Spa

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Mago Sales Dashboard is an analysis tool for sales data integrated with Mago4.

Mago Sales Dashboard is an analysis tool for sales data integrated with Mago4. Thanks to different dashboards, which show useful reports, it is simple to keep an eye on your company’s business.

You can obtain reports for specific periods, products, geographical areas and customers.

Thanks to the direct access to Mago4, you have all sales data at your fingertips, in sync with your ERP backend: it is then easy to check and monitor all your sales activity.

Mago Sales Dashboard add-in let you securely access your financial and customer data, directly within an Excel sheet, without manually reentering data or execute complex queries to export data.


  • Mago Sales Dashboard works only connected to a license of Mago4. The ERP Mago4 can be installed on your local netowrk or in the cloud.
  • Mago Sales Dashboard requires Office 2016
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