Edit PDF for SP

от FormRouter, Inc.

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Easily edit PDF forms stored in SharePoint® Lists and Document Libraries

  • Save an edited PDF form back into the record it was opened from
  • Metadata (record data) in the List or Document Library is also updated
  • Use PDF forms as the user interface for SharePoint® Workflows
  • Secure 256 bit data transmission
  • Works with the Free Adobe® Reader®

This add-in is free to use to edit one (1) PDF form. Paid subscriptions are available for more than one form. This add-in sends record data over SSL to (and is dependent on that service) then returns the created PDF (over SSL). No data in the transmission is written to disk or retained. A copy of Acrobat® Professional or Higher is required in order to make PDF Forms/Templates (but not to edit data in a PDF, only the free Adobe® Reader® XI or higher plug-in, for Internet Explorer, is required to edit PDF forms). You must create a free account at in order to use this add-in.

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